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Testimonial #1:
As a working mother of two, with a high pressure career, I have always found it difficult to carve out time for my own health and well-being. But how you spend your recreational time is indeed a choice; so about two years ago I decided that at this point in my life I needed (and deserved!) to devote two “good” hours a week to a regular exercise program . . .and as an added incentive to eliminate any excuses that might arise— I sought out a Personal Trainer who would train me right in my community gym, a minute from my home. This arrangement eliminated the extra time of traveling to a gym, forced me to keep to a set schedule, and made it a priority.

And it worked! I finally made the “life change” I was looking for—and got into a regular program—having failed at this with a number of Gym memberships, & scheduled classes at various facilities over the years.

But engaging Paul Sims as my personal Fitness Trainer has meant so much more than I had hoped for. It has been a positive change for me in terms of my body image; something many of us women struggle with, even if we are fairly self confident individuals in other parts of our life! My body is more ‘balanced’ so that even though I haven’t lost weight I look more fit, which quite a number of friends have noticed and commented on. I don’t get hurt doing heavy lifting on weekend projects, or doing sports with my kids. . . and I’m much stronger from the weight lifting and resistance training. Moreover, I FEEL better than I had felt since before my children were born.

When I started with Paul, he asked me what I wanted to achieve out of our sessions, and customized our program to focus on improving muscle tone and general healthfulness—which is what I was looking for. I was relieved to see Paul was not one of those trainers who just wants to load you up with weightlifting and body building, to the exclusion of other equally important exercises. And he switches them up, which keeps it interesting and works the muscle group more completely. Due to a busy schedule, it was important to me to put a lot into each session, to get the maximum benefit out of our two hours per week. Now that we have achieved my initial goals, I hope to augment our program with another day of interval training for cardio, and stretching-- which Paul has designed-- as it was always my ultimate goal to be exercising 3 to 4 times a week, not just 2 times.

After working with Paul a few months, I also took up tennis lessons once a week, and Paul set up specific exercises to focus on the muscle groups and quickness needed for the sport. It has never ceased to amaze me the arsenal of exercises that Paul knows—he must know at least three ways to exercise every single muscle in your body! And I never have to worry if a particular muscle is bothering me (like for a while my elbow & wrist, from the tennis)-- Paul always gives me a good solid workout without even affecting the area we want to avoid for that session.

Another thing I particularly like about Paul is that he is a true model of a healthy lifestyle— he tends to view care of our body with a holistic view—what you eat, drink, sleep, etc. . . in addition to a well rounded fitness program. He has knowledge of massage techniques, nutrition, and continually takes classes and educates himself so that he understands all aspects of the human body that would help him in his role.

So, I have become an advocate for Personal Fitness Training. In fact, as a holiday present I gave my husband six sessions with Paul, and he liked it so much he has continued weekly. Recently I gave my mother the same thing—we’re still working on getting her going! Every holiday I was racking my brains trying to come up with something to give family members-- yet what better a gift than helping a person toward better health and fitness!!

- Jean Gillman

Testimonial #2
“I’ve been meaning to write you to thank you for my positive introduction to exercising and weight training. I enjoyed our sessions each week. You are a kind, devoted, sensitive, and caring trainer.” Barbara K.

Testimonial #3
“Susan and I have benefited from our two years of training with you. Both of us have gained strength, flexibility and tone, all of which enhanced our tennis games.

We are continually impressed with your knowledge of the body's physiology that enables you to program our workout activities to focus on particular muscles to promote core and back strengthening.”

Best Regards,
Alex S.


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